Best Wings in Chicago

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Chicken wings are the ultimate game-night food. So, while you cheer on the Chicago Bulls, taste some of the best wings in Chicago

Best Wings in Chicago

When you dream of eating chicken wings, what comes to mind? Something juicy, crispy, and a little spicy, isn’t it? Chicago has ample places to satisfy your heart and taste buds if you desire to savor some of the sauciest, tangiest, and most succulent wings. Dine-in or get some take-out but don’t miss out on these top-notch places that serve up some of the best wings in Chicago.

When it comes to chicken wings, there are a couple of ways the flappers can be enjoyed. Moreover, the biggest dilemma is when the question arises ‘which restaurant should we eat at?’ No worries, this list has some of the top restaurants that dish out the best chicken wings in Chicago.

1. Great Sea Restaurant

2. Crisp 

3. Landbirds

4. Beck’s Chicago

5. The Fifty/50

If that hasn’t got you drilling yet, I don’t know what will. These restaurants dish out the best chicken wings that are easy to chew down with friends. Or else when you are in the mood for some delicious finger food. We hope this list of the best wings in Chicago will help you find your new favorite spot for the most delicious wings in town.





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